Monday, May 23, 2011

Sentinel Prime / L

the character figure that most anticipated, Leader Sentinel Prime. Taking shape from Panther fire truck plane. Very detailed and different electronic keys with a few sound character. Mech tech weapons are Lancer ( two swords ) and shields Cybertronian also some weapon from other figure can combined with Sentinel. highly recommended for purchase.

Megatron / V

The first figure that revealed from the Dark of the Moon. Megatron takes the form of the earth mode, oil truck that dirty and rusty. very nice and creative despite a smaller vehicle size than the previous movie voyager series. His Mech Tech additional weapons give more value that transform from half tanker oil. Highly recommended for purchase.

Optimus prime / V

Optimus voyager from new line movie " Dark Of the Moon." its different mold and shape, new added jet pack in back shoulder and six pack in stomach. Every collector very critism about this new Optimus, very easy transformation and too long for leg although takara version maybe more nice with different Mech Tech weapon and additional cargo. normal recommendate to buy it.