Monday, September 19, 2011

Crankase / d

deluxe Crankase DOTM. New character hunter mode Decepticons with a black SUV. Figure is not too similar to the original because it was too slim. Mechtech weapons can be combined with weapons laen. Worthy enough to be collected

Barricade / d

Deluxe Barricade DOTM. overall shape similar to a deluxe off the line before with the addition of hand. Weapons Mechtech claws and can be combined with other weapons. recommended to have.

Bumblebee / d

Deluxe Bumblebee with new paint and front hood design racing. Changes to the fashion figure of the previous line similar to the mold and the addition of cannon Mechtech weapons that can be combined into other weapons. Recommendations for the collection.

IronHide / v

Voyager Ironhide with a new design. More streamlined and easy to change from vehicle mode to robot figure. The addition of Mectech cannon weapon that can be spin. recommended to have.