Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rachet / d

Rachet in Earth mode. Autobot Medic experienced and become part of rescuers under the Optimus. Can provide unexpected help when able to revive his old friend, Autobot Omega Supreme to thwart the plan of Megatron in turn transwarp space.

Sentinel Prime / d

The young lieutenant's elite guard Autobot that too confident and always want to compete with Optimus Prime. After Ultra Magnus dies he is replaced the new Magnus Cybertron and promised to resolve their disputes as well as capturing the Decepticon.

Soundwave / d

Decepticon one who is not a native of Cybertron, but the results of earth's creation by Dr Isaac but used by Megatron to support the plan. His ability to create waves through the musical mind that is able to manage any electronic machines, has Laserbreak as spies that can be changed into electric guitars.

Swindle / d

His job is become a black market traders, not too ignoring the war that occurred between the Autobot and Decepticon, and her only profit for themselves that it acquired and customer satisfaction. But when required he can help fast.

Mindwipe / V

Mindwipe the voyager class. Take the form of Stealth F-117 jet. Very cool either in the vehicle and the figure especially in the red eyes that there is also a tattoo of an alien like Starscream. Additional characters that do not appear in the film. Very Cool to be collected. (cos i very much like it)

HA Skids

Human Aliance Skids. Very detail in good shape and body parts of vehicles and figures as well as the changes are similar to the movie but too bright color selection should be dark green. Chevy Beat was very realistic. Additional figures, Mikaela Banes and Arcee. Best to be collected

HA Sideswipe

Human Aliance Sideswipe. Very detailed and body parts in the form of either a change of vehicles and figures. but not so much like in the movie which is too large, especially in areas that ought to slim legs. Excelling in the form of the Corvette Stingray. Additional figures, Sergeant EPS. Good to be collected

HA Jazz

Human Aliance Jazz. Very detailed body parts and vehicles its like real but figures not so much like in the movies and to tall. Projectile weapons and an additional figure, Major Lennox and motor racing. Good to be collected

Dirge / d

Dirge in the deluxe class. additional characters that do not appear in the film. Take the form of a jet bomber. Average to be collected.